October 18: Two straws one drink

To my two day hangover…

you came in like a wrecking ball, insisting I Campaign myself as we try to win the bartenders first serving vote. You walk around like you’re the President of this bar, but in reality, we’re both slow playing with impeachment. we fill my system like the tap is running out and your boisterous personality comes alive. You steer this ship on thin ice as we enter no man’s land of clear and dark waters because now it’s less about the taste and more about keeping you happy. I understand you are my hangover and it’s my job to feed you, but you’re honestly one of those friends I don’t look forward to seeing so I have no idea why I keep bringing you back around.


October 17: Reward available for missing rainbow

To being overwhelmed…

it’s 3 pm on a typical workday and most people are just trying to get through the last few hours, but it’s not two hours to you- it’s your whole world. at home, I lay on my living room floor with nothing but a rug; a TV the size of a notebook; and my wall art sitting on the floors around me. I laugh at the fact I’m still shopping for shoes when I can’t afford plates and luckily it’s getting cold because the AC in my car is about to blow. Weekly cash flow is negative, monthly bills are tight but yearly income is officially set, so I’m just waiting to rebuild my personal economy.

October 16: The more expensive cheese

To keeping friends of quality over quantity…

Sugar, spice, and everything… bold. Our noses make us drool over the flavors that could be as we look through the reciepe thinking of ways to overload our tastebuds. But, many times, zealous flavor seekers are left with a bland dish and confused sense of what this meal was ever intended to be. Spices lose personality when blended with the wrong ingredients. my grandma always taught me to keep my Salt and pepper shakers full. They’ve proven to be there for me, in good meals and in bad, and that’s a timeless secret you won’t find in any cookbook.

October 14: Bring on the Dragons

To choosing your battles…

With jab of a dagger, your army is summoned to your defenses. The elite know that every fight can lead to batlle and not every blow deserves a consequence. Peace, love, and war intertwine in the name of personal justice, but winning can also sound like a staggering silence and glow with the glare of profound composure.

October 13: The Updated Menu

To learning yourself…

I love clean refrigerators and overpriced handbags. I hate unmade beds and the American portion sizes. I love Saturday morning workouts and hilly drives at sunset. I hate people who don’t appreciate the small things and the process of making an online return. I love checking off my to-do list and honey dijon mustard. I hate when people don’t wave when cutting in on the interstate, and how sand sticks to everything for years. I love dog lovers and family group chats. I hate long grocery store lines and dying plants. I love the feeling of understanding someone whose different from me , and hate the feeling of being unrightfully misunderstood. The fun of being yourself is knowing yourself. Your unique quirks make you irresistibly relatable to all the really weird people just like you.

October 11: Getting Caught in the Rain

To the people who don’t have a home…

Somewhere, someone is looking down worried and sad, watching their brother, cousin, old classmate, grandfather- make his bed on the streets during this sunset. As his body molds into the cement ledge underneath the bridge, i question whether I should stop and cover his slightly showing toes. I know somewhere, someone is leaving him notes of hope, warmth and love and pulling a cap over his ears as he slowly drifts to sleep. I pray he sees these messages in the sky; his multiple angels; his forever second set of eyes. He isn’t alone. it’s just cloudy tonight.

October 10: Un-framable and unforgettable aka your disposable camera

To all the little things going wrong at once….

A glass half spilled is still annoying to clean up . Learning to laugh until you cry, and cry until you find the hard knocks in life a little more humorous, shows up on about season 3 of the wisdom podcast. Latch on to the little blessings and let them rain on your parade. Find survival in these overlooked gifts of revival, because you woke up today, and a dose of appreciation never hurt nobody.