Writing Portfolio

Kansas City Spaces

Diving in deep to the rich arts community of Kansas City, I have had the oppportunity to talk 1-on-1 with some of the most unique artists in the area to learn about their craft. This role requires researching the artist, scheduling a photoshoot & interview, making deadlines and crafting a 1-page spread to coordinate with a specific piece of artwork. Check out my on-going work below. Additionally, I devise the monthly event calendar.

Interview with Heather Lowenstein| Kansas City Spaces, May 2018

Interview with Jan Schoonover | Kansas City Spaces, September 2018

Calendar | Kansas City Spaces, September 2018

Interview with Don Wilkison | Kansas City Spaces, October 2018 

Interview with Kim Taggart | Kansas City Spaces, December 2018/January 2019 

Interview with Polly Apfelbaum | Kansas City Spaces, March 2019

Interview with Erica Iman | Kansas City Spaces, April 2019

Interview with Megh Knappenberger | Kansas City Spaces, May 2019

Interview with Patrick Shearn| Kansas City Spaces, June/July 2019

Ink Magazine 

5 Romantic Valentines Dates that Won’t Break the Bank | INK Magazine, February 2018

A seasonal story encouraging couples to think outside the box when it comes to making Valentines Day special. Millennials, who live in to the areas surrounding these restaurants, make up a majority of the audience . Click here to check out the story and the photography I did  to match.


5 KC Superfood Smoothies You Need to Try
INK Magazine, December 2017

From Downtown to Overland Park, I found the the best local smoothie experiences. I immersed myself in each atmosphere and spoke with employees to make sure I understood the morale of each location. Click here to check out the story that was the featured article on Ink’s daily email and see my photography on the instagram page as well.