October 28: Obsessed with Making It Rain

To the world you try to understand…

I sit down

and start reading,

Becoming obsessed with what I don’t know.

And then enamored with questions.

About something else I don’t know.

And then I get completely defeated

By all the things I didn’t know.

And then I find all the things I want

But can’t buy

Because how am I supposed to know.

October 27: Brain the Size of a Walnut

To COVID, mentally and physically….

Like every other day

The gallery is open.

But today

The show is set around Picasso’s blank canvas.

Art without color

Like food without flavor.

Like the Chef lost his touch for a moment

although his kitchen looks the same.

Pablo is feeling the beginning of a new era they say

He is spending time thinking they say

But his head lost his hand

at this time.

Come back soon.