October 11: Getting Caught in the Rain

To the people who don’t have a home…

Somewhere, someone is looking down worried and sad, watching their brother, cousin, old classmate, grandfather- make his bed on the streets during this sunset. As his body molds into the cement ledge underneath the bridge, i question whether I should stop and cover his slightly showing toes. I know somewhere, someone is leaving him notes of hope, warmth and love and pulling a cap over his ears as he slowly drifts to sleep. I pray he sees these messages in the sky; his multiple angels; his forever second set of eyes. He isn’t alone. it’s just cloudy tonight.

October 10: Un-framable and unforgettable aka your disposable camera

To all the little things going wrong at once….

A glass half spilled is still annoying to clean up . Learning to laugh until you cry, and cry until you find the hard knocks in life a little more humorous, shows up on about season 3 of the wisdom podcast. Latch on to the little blessings and let them rain on your parade. Find survival in these overlooked gifts of revival, because you woke up today, and a dose of appreciation never hurt nobody.

October 8: Gimme Some Sugar

To the girl who didn’t need another bad guy…

She talked in love, but just enough to hide from the pain she once knew. One day she was tugged from the school bus and told to walk because the city had a skyline and views he begged her to see. The hold of his hand and the strength in his pull gave her an urged sense of exploration and fresh feeling of trust- until a sudden fork in the road left her to pave alone. As quickly as it had opened, the pathway was closed out of fear that this trail was permanently unsafe. Waking up the next day, she walked to the bus stop and peered down the street. The world stood still as she determined her next move. You’ve seen few too many skylines to stop now.