October 4: Talkin Tennessee

To enjoying the journey and the people you meet along the way…

Everyday is my next surprise party. I kind of want to cry yet I’m always laughing to myself At how much I really didn’t know. What I used to consider a stranger is now my closest acquaintance, and my clever prompts are the only way I remember peoples names in mid conversation. i see the guests being here today as a pay it forward momento. They tribute this to remembering the feeling of following their dreams in a foreign land and how powerful the smallest acts become as times get tough and maps only get you so comfortable. I awkwardly move about acting like i know how things go around here. An abundance of different license plates line the driveway and each duet on the kareoke machine brings the whole party closer as the risk of one’s pride is respected in any state. Coming up on the last note, everyone joins in. we take one big breath and belt the final chorus. a city like this never forgets to embrace the song that’s currently being played.

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