September 21: My first doll

To the baby of the family…

American girl doll, small and lifelike, made to look just like me, but given a glass cover. Things I wasn’t told, she was; Things I did wrong, she didn’t. Your age, it doesn’t matter; your soft strength, it eases trouble. Your porcelain ears were pushed away from difficulties and told to imagine the big rainbows in the most unpleasant of storms. You didn’t care about the gold but wanted to make sure we always smiled like we had just won the prize. Remember that you will never crack or shatter; remember that we see you’re fragile and no new loves will change that. I slowly realize you have grown into your own mirror. As times goes and gates open, I give you the code and an indestructible walkie talkie for whenever you still need me. For as long as you sparkle, you will be treated like glass.

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