20 Things You Don’t Know About Me

I never use my maps when I’m trying to go somewhere unfamiliar. I assume I don’t need them because I have an ‘idea’ where I’m going. But, I always end up getting lost and frustrated, and then ultimately, I’m late: all of which just circles back to actually using the directions and listening to that voice tell me where to go while I drive. Why I don’t just use this in the first place- I really don’t know.

I am writing a quote book based off my daily experiences and observations. It is probley the most deeply personal thing I have because it is the unfiltered truth of my daily thoughts and how I connect people, places and experiences to quotes I hear or think of throughout the day. The final outcome will be of this book is ‘unwritten’.

For the last year, I lived in a  one bedroom carriage house with my best friend Kyrie and her boyfriend at his parents house.  We were college roommates and quickly realized we were one in the same. We are those friends that read the others mind before any words have time to come out. Completely Telepathic. Completely Weird. Completely Us.

I run to stay sane; I go to the gym to stay in shape. Traditionally, I always go for a run during the first snow and it’s something I look forward to every year. I love working out and I come up with these crazy circuits, or go to tracks and make up some wild workouts. I love it and I live for it. Pushing myself is part of my blend, in combination with yoga. Hot Yoga. mhmm.

My most proud moment of 2018 was when I grew my own cucumbers and felt like an accomplished gardener.

I plan on having twin boys named Hank and Teddy. Don’t tell me I can’t decide to have twins, I AM deciding.

I  love book stores and spend hours  reading all the book summaries and exploring the isles.  When I do finally pick a book, I listen to”The Piano Guys” while I read. It puts me at ease and is the one thing that always makes me feel better.

The best thing anyone ever did for me was when I was in high school and had a whole bunch of things going on that I couldn’t handle. I went to my grandparents house at 8 PM one night, and was crying. My grandpa decided right then that we would road trip to CO for a few days and get out of town. I had a huge basketball camp that was mandatory, and even though he wanted me to be the next Lisa Leslie,  he told me skip. So, my grandma, me and him packed up and  left. I spent the weekend running, climbing and hanging out in the mountains just having some peace and quiet.I will never ever live down that feeling of love and that feeling that someone really saw how much I needed them and was willing to do anything.

I love walking. Everywhere and anytime. I look at the sky a lot too because I think it says a lot. I’m not crazy, I just think fresh air and interesting skies are natural beauties that are good for the soul.

I have been freelancing for Kansas City Spaces since April. I love words. For instance, the last couple years, on my moms birthday, I have given her nice jewelry with a story to go along with it. That way it means something.  I have about 5 different notebooks and text ambitious resources, and at least a couple with me at all times. Point is- the written word really impacts me.

Receiving any kind of thoughtful letter or note means more to me most people.

I collect pins.

I love cucumbers, tricolored carrots, avocados, apples, garlic salt, dijon mustard, dark chocolate and almond & coconut butter. I eat way too much of all these things. And yes, I genuinely love eating healthy. If I were to ‘indulge’ (or whatever you want to call it), I would eat a burger with an egg on it and some cookie dough ice cream.

Kyrie and I made Jumpsuits ,and still have hopes of starting our own brand called ‘bone.’

My top three artists to listen to are Quinn XCII, Kid Quill and Marc Bassy.

I love cowboy boots, wedged sneakers and Adidas boosts. I love hoop earrings, vintage and designer bags and trucker hats.

I am taking a photography class at Johnson County Community College and a Creative Writing class at the Kansas City Art Institute. Me and 8-15 strangers every week. I’m the youngest person  in each room.Why are we all here? No two reasons are alike.  It’s awesome.

I dream of having a Bernese Mountain Dog.

I love art shows, museums and any sort of event I can walk around, learn, read the walls, look at pictures and drink a coffee -all at once.

I give off a bit of a hippie vibe, and it’s very accurate. Whenever I ask people to describe me, they always say ‘free spirit.’ But, I also think super intently about everything  people say and constantly am comparing words to actions. One thing to note: I’m not afraid to ask questions. Like I mentioned in my bio, if I’m talking to someone for over 5 minutes, I tend to get into a very deep conversation.  But, I also spend time with people that I presume worthy. So this works.



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