Picking the Perfect Watermelon

July is all about the reds: fireworks, sun burnt cheeks, and most importantly, the prime season for watermelon.

When looking at the big bin of 100 similar looking fruits, narrowing down the PERFECT melon can feel like an impossible task. Let’s be honest- this watermelon best be perfect if you’re going to lug it around the store, listen as it rolls around in your back seat and finally, be a huge nuisance when your trying to unlock the door with 4 bags and this huge watermelon in your hands (because we all know we’ll lose it all before we take two trips to bring in the groceries.)

In today’s post, I’m going to give you a few simple and memorable tips to finding that perfect watermelon.

Before you read, I think you should note that I go into more detail than necessary. From my research and personal experience, if you only remember one thing, I suggest you about the field spot.

The Field Spot, aka the Sweet Spot. In order to know its ripe, you want to find a deep-creamy, yellow spot (pictured left.) If it’s white or greenish (pictured right), I would suggest you keep searching.







Brown- Webbing, To the untrained eye, any sort of “brown” spot on fruit is a major turn off. I’m here to tell you that the webbing on a watermelon is a GOOD thing. It shows signs of pollination from bees touching flowers. The more pollination, the sweeter the watermelon.

Sound, When you give the watermelon a little flick, it should sound more like a sharp “crack” rather than a large “thud.”

Size, Average. Not too big, and not too small. It should feel heavy for its size (Suggestion: compare the weight of two watermelons similar in size and choose the heavier one.)

Color,  According to this article, the darker and duller a watermelon’s color, the sweeter it will be.

To top it off, Watermelon is super filling due to the fact it’s 92 % water. 

That’s all for today. Call me the modern-day farmer, but as for my plans, I’ll be running the stand and selling juice shots. 🙂

Questions, comments, requests? Give me your thoughts below!



Source: “How to Pick a Perfect Watermelon: Tips from an Experienced Farmer” 


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